Baccarat, a fair game[#百家乐 #바카라 #バカラ #bacará #баккара́ #บาคาร่า]

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Who do you think your opponent when you play games?
You can decide who might become your opponent whenever you play games.
And the fairness of your game depends on who becomes your opponent.

Is your opponent a casino?
All the circumstances in the casino give a casino clear advantages. You may be aware of many of those.
However, most importantly, a casino never gets tired.
Although you can very occasionally run faster than the casino, it’s always you who break down as time goes by. It’s the reason the casino tries every possible means to make people keep staying even more.
Therefore the casino always welcomes your challenge no matter how much time and money you put into the game.

Is your opponent a dealer?
Whose side do you think a dealer is? Many of you might consider dealers are on the side of the casino. It’s not wrong because a casino pays them.
However, a dealer is like a referee who is supposed to progress games fairly and precisely.
So, a dealer is not your opponent but a cooperator of you and the casino.
Of course, I have nothing to do with a dealer. I just hope you don’t confront a dealer emotionally. It only screws up your game more severely.

Is your opponent the other player?
As you know well, this is not a game you are supposed to compete with someone. Furthermore, the other player’s bets never affect the outcome of your bets.

My opponent is always myself.
When I was winning money from games, I was obsessed with the greed to get more money until losing the money I won in the end.
When I was losing money from games, I couldn’t stop trying to recoup my losses until losing everything stupidly.
The worst thing was that I was so keen to blame others.
It took me a while to realize I shouldn’t have blamed others and shouldn’t have allowed my reason to give way to emotion.

If we fail to control our emotions and impulse, we have very few chances to play a fair game.
There will be a higher chance to win by using various skills and strategies only if you have many opportunities to play a fair game.
Again, all skills and strategies are useless unless you can win over yourself.