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Do you have routines when you play the game?

A routine is a sequence of actions regularly followed to increase a chance to win.

I’m going to tell you about some useful routines. However, it’s a personal opinion, don’t take it seriously.

Before the game(Before going to the casino)
A day ahead:
Avoid hard work, and go to bed earlier than usual.
Sound sleep is always the first strategy in all fields. It’s because tiredness is the greatest risk.
An hour ahead:
Practice warm-up games virtually with the free game app or site.
It helps you raise your ability close to the top within your limitations.

In the casino
Upon arrival:
Have a look around all tables for thirty or more minutes.
You need time to adapt all your senses to the atmosphere in the casino. It helps not losing concentration by the outer variable when you start playing.
Game time:
Start with a warm-up game.
If you have to get into the hot water, you might like to soak your feet first. You can learn about a warm-up game from my video “Baccarat, warm-up game”.
Losing the warm-up game usually signifies that there is a higher chance of having a tough day. So, I highly recommend not moving forward to the main round to avoid a lot more loss on that day.
Game time:
Play the main round.
What do you focus on while you or someone reveal cards? You can’t affect the outcome, whether you bet or not. So, don’t pray for the win of the bet.
Instead, simulate how the upcoming result will affect the entire Scoreboard. This routine is very unnatural and not easy at first. But it’s the best way to keep calm and minimize the mistake.

Good consistent routines help you gain consistent wins.

I hope you have or find the best routines fit you well.