【Utatane Piko】カジノ / Casino【VOCALOIDカバー】

HELLO!! It’s been a quite a while since i last posted a cover! (actually its been 8 months??? help) A lot of stuff happened during these few months, so i wasnt able to upload any covers until now. i am really sorry for my slow uploads ;;

This is actually the first VOCALOID Cover that i finished, and i learned a lot more about mixing in general! it wouldnt have been possible if it wasnt for the people i met during this time span, and of course you guys’ support! Thank you so much!!!

I hope you enjoy the cover!


Music・Lyrics: Azari

Illust: m²

UST: Emile

Tuning・Mixing: Aster

Vocals: Utatane Piko, v4flower, Kagamine Len V4x Power, KAITO V3, VY1V4 Natural

Extra notes: hahah piko goes crazy in hell’s casino?“??? ok ill see myself out the door CSJHDVFKN-
oh and i wanna cover one of Fty and Natsuyama Yotsugi’s songs one day SOBS VIOLENTLY